Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halifax and Newfoundland - Part 1

Heading home for the first time in over two years! Not a single thrown guitar - good start, right?

Goodbye to flat ground and brown grass. Twisting, hilly, lush landscape lays ahead!

In the very back of the plane, in the corner. Keeping an eye on the shenanigans in front of me. (There were none.)

Cloudy skies ahead of me, the whole way home. I like the sunsets from up here.

Elayna smiling at me from her car seat. She's taken a liking to me already!

Sampling a fresh tomato she'd harvested from the garden just minutes before. She chewed into that tomato over a dozen times, but she never really liked it. Just another reason I love her!

A long day deserves a long cigar.

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