Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halifax & Newfoundland - Part 2

Up early in Halifax to catch the sunrise. I waited for the sun with the clouds and the lightbulbs.

Hanging with my good buddy Matthew Hollett getting sunrise pictures in Halifax's Point Pleasant Park. Hollett is lit with a flash, bounced into an umbrella.

It's great to be near water, the curves of ships, and the beautiful light of a maritime (small 'm') region.

Lighthouse through double wire fencing, still in Point Pleasant Park. So many great memories. Photo walks and sunrise shoots with my friend Hollett (along with constant attempts to come close to matching his photographic/artistic vision). I do miss Halifax and Point Pleasant Park, but this was a great way to revisit this beautiful city.

More great memories; this time of Halifax's Public Gardens. I used to walk through this park to and from work, play chess with my friend Joey, and have secluded photo sessions on (frequent) rainy days.

My beautiful niece again. This time with her mom (Gailyn) and dad (my brother, Jim). Lit with a flash bounced into an umbrella. Jeez she's cute!

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  1. I love, love, love your photos. Can’t say enough about your eye for the simple and beautiful. I’ll definitely make a point to stop by from time to time to see the progress of your essay.