Monday, October 5, 2009

Halifax & Newfoundland - Part 3

My sister, Jenny, with her husband, David, and her two boys, Robbie (left) and Dawson at their home just outside of Truro, Nova Scotia. Lit with two flashes (one bare, camera right, one bounced into an umbrella, camera left) and some desaturation/tint/sharpening applied. My nephews are so grown up! I miss you all.

A very small, lower portion of a larger (800 foot!) waterfall called Rattling Brook Falls, near Kings Point, Newfoundland. A beatiful, grey fall day in Newfoundland, and we were back in the car before the rain began.

Rocks and mist from higher up on the falls. I love the light from a cloud day!

A view of Rattling Brook, the town. Ah, I missed the winding roads and beautiful colours of Newfoundland.

Mom, with a bit of the waterfall showing behind her. Lit with a flash through a small softbox, camera left.

Mom putting finishing touches on one of her artist's books. (Okay, the finishing touches were put on ages ago, but she posed and pretended for me.) Diffused flash bounced off the white table.

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